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Floriography is a triptych of stories surrounding Victorian flower language, computer code, and inevitability of failure. Through movement, dialogue, and plant based existential pondering, wade into the swirling eddies of philosophical Romanticism, and symbolic language as it crashes up against the source code of existence, the logical and rational boundaries of how we define ourselves caught in the middle. A meditation on the complexity of communication, Floriography seeks to explore what it is to understand.


The next iteration of open face beholding, wyrtun focuses on the power of place, and the juxtaposition between the natural and the manicured space. The piece examines the historical conflict between the “taming” of pagan traditions by Christianity, through the lens of a saint’s garden. It is about the the breakdown of boundaries, and the synthesis of something new, drawing on both Christian and pagan imagery to create a place that is not just on the border of faiths, but an cross-section of the innate power of a reclaimed space.


Songs about love is an installation piece about everywhere. It is your closet, your kitchen, the inside of your ribcage, the ventricle of your heart, and the infinite void; anywhere you find love, anywhere you can find the stars.



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